Sunday, January 31, 2010

Shoreditch Cool

1-5. Scenes from the Flower Market, 6. My new coat

Shoreditch, Sunday morning, life doesn't get any better than this.

Even though flowers were the main attraction at the Columbia Road Flower Market, it's the food that truly made it all worthwhile. As unusual as it sounds, the mixed smell of roses and barbecue kind of grew on me, and I didn't want to leave the place!

I noticed every girl my age was wearing a fur (real, fake, whatever) winter coat, and the bigger the better. The temperature was way above the freezing point, but they looked bloody Shoreditch cool. Since the area had its share of Vintage stores, R and I went secondhand shopping for my own (last picture).

As for now, I'm writing from Germany, coming back to London on Monday night, then leaving for Paris either on Tuesday or Wednesday.

See you, xoxo

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